Teen Star Previous Winners

Congratulations Teen Star 2016 Winner!

Jackson Cocciolone

Jackson Song 2D


2015 Sydney Shalhoob
2014 Mary-Grace Langhorne
2013 Allie Nixon
2012 Rachel La Commare
2011 Bear Redell
2010 Allison Lewis

Jason Paras, Karlie Mack, Zoe Lynn Burritt, Nathaniel Neumann, Grant Bower, Mary-Grace Langhorne, Brandi Rose Lentini, Luana Psaros, Sulema Mejia, and Dylan Ortega.

Nathaniel Neumann, Justice Sweeney, Xeni Tziouvaras, Kendall Kincaid, Gabe Reali, Julieanna Bartling, Jason Paras, Allie Nixon, Jason Hahs, and Madeleine Meyer

Morgan Laughlin, Rachel La Commare, Jenna Garcia, David Schaeman, Xeni Tziouvaras, Christian Schmidt, Megan Wilson, Jason Hahs, Naomi Reyes Hernandez, and Gabriel Reali

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Any student enrolled in a Santa Barbara County school, 7th–12th grade.

HOW THE AUDITIONS WORK: Each contestant sings a cappella (roughly 16-32 bars of music) in a closed session in front of the audition judges following a brief interview. The judges provide feedback to help the contestants grow in their experience and prepare them for future auditions.

HOW THE FINALS WORK; Each of the final contestants performs a song of their choice in the first round. Voting by text message, the audience selects their top choices and the celebrity judges choose theirs; the votes are combined for a second round. After the 2nd round, text voting occurs again by the audience and the winner is determined.

Teen Star Winner Prize Includes:
• $1,000 scholarship
• Recording in world-class studio
• Radio and TV appearances
• Opening performances at major local events
• Prestigious title of Teen Star Santa Barbara

The Need To Support Youth Arts

Many youth arts, music and theatre programs have been eliminated or greatly reduced in our schools over the last several years. To help alleviate the problem, the Teen Star Santa Barbara program was established in 2010. We believe giving our youth an outlet to showcase their talent in a healthy environment will provide long lasting benefits for our community and our students as well as enhance opportunities for their futures. Proceeds from this event will be donated to performing arts programs in Santa Barbara County Schools.

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